So, I got all caught up on the Payday Tumblr posts from today, and I noticed that I accidentally caused some negative shit to happen because I didn’t tag a certain post with a certain tag, or at all.

Look, I’m forgetful and lazy. Either I forget to tag posts or I plain just don’t feel like it. If you have a problem with a certain post I reblog, tell me fucking privately. Don’t attack the poster in the comments, and then chastise me in the tags. That’s just mean spirited and counterproductive, since you didn’t seem to like the post in the first place.

Or, if you want to avoid the problem altogether, just unfollow me. I sure as shit will forget to tag posts in the future, as I have the attention span of a fly at times. This goes for all y’all who currently follow me. I might post or reblog stuff you don’t like, and will either forget to tag it, or won’t tag it under words you have blacklisted. So, this will be your only word of warning.

Otherwise, have a nice day, buddies.

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